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Waves-based tokens into Guarda Wallet

Waves-based tokens into Guarda Wallet

Guarda team announces the upcoming addition

Guarda team announced the upcoming addition of Waves-based tokens into Guarda Wallet.

Thanks to this update it will be possible to add Waves-based tokens, and therefore also the tokens of the Angry Panda project, in all the Guarda Wallet versions.

About Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet is a secure, non-custodial, multiplatform wallet that allow you to receive, send, buy, exchange, stake and do whatever you want with all your coins.

Guarda Wallet
Guarda Wallet

Guarda Web wallet

With Guarda web wallet you can easily receive, send, store and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies.

The light-wallet was designed secure and convenient. They don’t hold your funds or have access to your private keys. Your security is their top-priority.

Guarda Desktop wallet

With Guarda Desktop Wallet you don’t need to register.

Guarda Multi-currency Desktop Light Walle has no access to your private keys or funds. You can receive, send, store, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies in complete anonymity and safety.

All these features are available on Linux, Windows or MacOS. Choose the one that suits you!

Guarda Mobile Multiwallet

A BTC wallet, an ETH wallet, all of them with different keys and specifications. Such a drag! Guarda is there to solve the daily multitasking issue – store all your currencies in one light application and access them instantly.

Guarda Mobile Multiwallet is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, safety and performance

  • Just one wallet: store a variety of cryptocurrencies in one easily accessible place
  • Maximum security: encrypted backup for extra safety
  • You are in charge: Guarda wallets do not store the user’s personal information
  • Pocket exchange: swap any coins and tokens inside the applications
  • Instant transfers: make fast transactions wallet-to-wallet
  • Simplicity in use: no registration required to start using the app

Guarda Browser Extension

Interact with all DApp (decentralized applications) directly from your Chrome browser. Whatever your game is (finances, gambling, petting a cat or a dragon), Guarda makes it easy and secure to play.

Built-in Exchange

Exchange one currency for another right here. Built-in service lets you easily swap coins inside your highly secure Guarda Wallet!

Guarda Wallet Built-in Exchange
Guarda Wallet Built-in Exchange

Built-in Crypto Purchase

Easily purchase cryptocurrency using your MasterCard/Visa payment card or with a bank transfer. Top-up any of your wallets: simply and smoothly.

Guarda Wallet Built-in Crypto Purchase
Guarda Wallet Built-in Crypto Purchase

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