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Angry Panda is a cryptocurrency project that aims to protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing almost the whole value paid for its coins.
In addition to giving greater security and confidence to investors, it is designed to facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies providing fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments.

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Order our tokens through the Angry Panda Shop or buy directly on Waves DEX.
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Asset details

ICO: 1$-512$ – Price: 525$-1,000$
Support price: 95% ICO price*
Max supply: 100,000 ROAR

Asset ID:



Asset details

Issue price: 1,050$
Support price: 1,000$
Total supply: 2,600,000 XPAND

Asset ID:



Asset details

Issue price: 1.05$
Support price: 1$
Total supply: 100,000,000 UBEAR

Asset ID:



Asset details

Issue price: 1.05€
Support price: 1€
Total supply: 100,000,000 EBEAR


Protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in a cryptocurrency, facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies as payment method.


Be the most safe, reliable and trusted cryptocurrency project and a leading model to accelerate the grow of the cryptocurrency world.

Business model and strategies

  • Promoting Angry Panda tokens as safe, reliable and trusted cryptocurrencies in the most important exchanges.
  • Use of our tokens as payment method in many physical stores, starting from Italy, and online stores, globally.
  • Integration of the Angry Panda Shop on our website to sell digital items, physical products and services.
  • Promotion of coins and tokens issued on different blockchains, starting from Waves and Ethereum, on our website and selling through the Angry Panda Shop.

Risks in investing in a cryptocurrency

  • Extreme volatility
  • Cryptocurrencies don’t fall into the “currency” category
  • Bubble
  • Cryptocurrencies are not regulated
  • Frauds abound
  • Failed projects without refunds

Key solution

Angry Panda supports the price of all its tokens through a repurchase system in USD/EUR. In this way it guarantees the value of your tokens and investments during down trends and bear markets. Specifically we guarantee a rebuy of:

  • XPAND at 1,000$
  • UBEAR at 1$
  • EBEAR at 1€
  • ROAR at 95% of the price, only if bought during PRE-ICO or ICO phase.

Also our investors are free to trade Angry Panda tokens vs any other token present on Waves DEX without any limit of price. As a result, it is both possible to trade to make profits and, above all, to be more protected against loss of value, mostly during down trends and bear markets.



Your investment would be always safe during down trends and bear markets, since we guarantee a rebuy of our tokens when the prices go under 1,000$ (XPAND), 1$ (UBEAR) and 1€ (EBEAR). Indeed, the value of the Angry Panda tokens will probably increase, if all the other coins go down.


For XPAND tokens we will try to keep the price between 1,000$ and 1,100$, through our rebuy system and by setting a very high amount of XPAND tokens at 1,100$, allowing about a 10% price fluctuation.


ROAR tokens are sold from 1$ to 512$ during the initial coin offering and the potential profit could be, therefore, very high. Furthermore, every 25 XPAND sold by us, 1 XPAND token will be available to be swapped 1:1 vs ROAR tokens. Since XPAND issue price is 1,050$ with a rebuy at 1,000$, the potential profit of ROAR tokens can be +99000% and even more.

The potential profit of XPAND tokens is about 10% if traded vs USD. Instead there are no limits if traded vs any other token.

There are no limits of profit for UBEAR and EBEAR tokens.


You can trade the Angry Panda tokens – ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR – on Waves DEX vs any other token (all pairs are available) without any limits of amount or price, except for the limits of price in USD and EUR described before.


It is really easy to understand the minimum value of your investment, regardless of whether you are a small or a big investor, because the minimum price of XPAND token is 1,000$, for UBEAR is 1$ and for EBEAR is 1€.


Transactions and confirmations in few seconds: 1”-3”.

Reliable network

A network that runs without congestion.

Ultra-low fees

Sending any amount of money globally costs less than 0.001 Waves ~ 0.0025$ actually.


Really easy to use.


Secure blockchain technology.

Other and future functionality

  • Atomic swap to ERC20
  • Angry Panda Exchange


Whitepaper | Angry Panda project

One Pager

One Pager | Angry Panda project


The roadmap below shows what we have already achieved, what is going to be made and approximate terms: presale, ICO, main sale, token swap, atomic swap, dual-blockchain, exchange listings and more.



Launching the website
Angry Panda project
Introducing the project and the main idea
General roadmap
Creation of ROAR on Waves Platform
Desktop, mobile and online wallets
ROAR airdrop, bounty program, socials, ANN on BitcoinTalk


Presale start
30th June 2018
Pre-ICO Round 1 – 100,000 ROAR at 1$
30th June – 5th July
Pre-ICO Round 2 – 100,000 ROAR at 2$
8th July – 12th July
Pre-ICO Round 3 – 100,000 ROAR at 4$
15th July – 19th July
Creation of XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR tokens on Waves Platform
Pre-ICO Round 4 – 200,000 ROAR at 8$
22th July – 26th July
ICO Round 5 – 200,000 ROAR at 16$
1st August – 4th August
ICO Round 6 – 300,000 ROAR at 32$
4th August – 7th August
ICO Round 7 – 500,000 ROAR at 64$
7th August – 10th August
ICO Round 8 – 1,000,000 ROAR at 128$
10th August – 13th August
ICO Round 9 – 2,500,000 ROAR at 256$
13th August – 16th August
ICO Round 10 – 5,000,000 ROAR at 512$
16th August – 31th August
Main sale: 85,000,000 XPAND at 1,050$
1st September
ROAR token burning – From 10,000,000 to 100,000 ROAR
Initial total supply: 10,000,000 ROAR
Burned: 9,900,000 ROAR
Final max supply: 100,000 ROAR (Not reissuable)
XPAND token burning – From 100,000,000 to 2,600,000 XPAND
Initial total supply: 100,000,000 XPAND
Burned: 97,400,000 XPAND
Final total supply: 2,600,000 XPAND (Reissuable)


Main sale: 100,000,000 UBEAR at 1.05$
1st October
Main sale: 100,000,000 EBEAR at 1.05€
1st October
Shop on our website
Integration of the Angry Panda Shop on our website to sell digital items, physical products and services.
Promotion and selling of other cryptocurrencies
Promotion of coins and tokens issued on different blockchains, starting from Waves and Ethereum, on our website and selling through the Angry Panda Shop.


Fast, cheap and secure payment methods on other stores
Use of out tokens as fast, cheap and secure payment methods in many physical stores starting from Italy, and online stores globally
Token swap: from ROAR to XPAND
Token swap 1:1 from ROAR vs XPAND on Waves Platform
Daily use as payment methods
Angry Panda tokens as universal payment methods for daily use.
Atomic swaps
Tokens swaps from WAVES to ERC20
Dual-blockchain project
Creation of the same coin for a dual-blockchain project: the existence on both Waves and Ethereum blockchains.
Angry Panda desktop and mobile wallets
Getting listed on the most important exchanges


Angry Panda Exchange
Creation of Angry Panda Exchange


Angry Panda project - Founder & CEO
Name Giuseppe C.
Country Italy
Role Founder & CEO
Info Knowledge in Economics and Quality Management, he discovered blockchain and cryptocurrency market in 2017.

Approaching the world of cryptocurrencies, he was immediately excited by his potential and detected its limits.

Aiming for a greater market stability and firm believer of continuous improvement, he founded Angry Panda project and created ROAR token through Waves Platform in March 2018, with the purpose of protecting investors from the inherent risks in investing in a cryptocurrency, especially when the cryptocurrency market collapses, and to facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies as payment method.

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