Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many cryptocurrencies does Angry Panda project include?
Angry Panda project includes 4 tokens: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR.

Each token has special characteristics that can adequately meet the different needs of our customers. In general:

  • ROAR, with its bounty program, aims to raise awareness of the Angry Panda project.
  • XPAND is the currency that reserves the most attention to the protection of our investors.
  • UBEAR and EBEAR are more focused on everyday use as fast, cheap and secure payment methods for USD/EUR transactions. They also guarantee a minimum value to protect their value.
2) What is the purpose of the ROAR ICO?
The main purpose of the ROAR ICO is to raise funds for the Angry Panda project and make it known. Therefore, the initial offering will start at very cheap prices. It is a great opportunity to have a strong return on investment and it represents, in concrete terms, our gratitude to all those who will support the Angry Panda project since first steps.
3) ROAR ICO, bounty program, financial coverage. Is it all true?
Practically ROAR is the ICO of XPAND and it works like a bounty program.

It gives an very high return on investment, so much that many just says that is ridiculous to believe.

There will be for sure people who will criticize without arguing, just don’t listen them and go on. For sure they didn’t read the whitepaper neither asked further informations about the financial coverage.

However if you reflect a bit, the concept is very similar to airdrops. Isn’t ridicoulous giving something for free?
This system, instead, allows us to collect the necessary funds to carry out the project.

The hard cap of ROAR is limited to 5,000,000 tokens and it is totally covered financially through the swap vs XPAND tokens.

It is true that ROAR token is sold at very low prices and that it grants very high return on investment, as it is also true that it will be exchanged 1:1 with XPAND only at one condition.

The only condition to respect is that, since we have to guarantee the XPAND price, 1 ROAR will be available for the swap 1:1 only every 25 XPAND sold. That’s why it is covered. No more conditions.

25 XPAND sold * (1,050$ our sale price – 1,000$ as reserve to guarantee our repurchase) = 1,250$ > 1,000$ reserve price to guarantee our repurchase. This guarantees financial coverage.

If you buy ROAR tokens through the FORM we will guarantee also a rebuy for the 95% of the price paid, if you are busy to wait for the swap. However, for ROAR tokens, we do not guarantee any price in the case you buy directly on Waves DEX.

So it is totally true that if you buy 1 ROAR at 1$, and it will be swapped 1:1 vs 1 XPAND after the ICO at that condition mentioned above, you will get a minimum +99000% return. This because XPAND price will be 1,050$ and XPAND minimum price guaranteed by us will be 1,000$.

4) Why should I buy ROAR during the ICO? Can you give us a practical example?
Buying ROAR tokens during the ICO it is very profitable and can guarantee you a very high return on investment. Let’s see a practical example:

If you buy during the ICO “Round 1”, you buy 1 ROAR at 1$.

What happens after the ICO?

For every 25 XPAND sold by Angry Panda project, you could swap 1 ROAR tokens vs 1 XPAND token. Since 1 XPAND token is sold by us at 1,050$ and bought at 1,000$ at any time and for any amount, it means you have paid just 1$ to get a return of 1,000$-1,050$.

What happens if you need your invested capitals back immediately and can’t wait anymore for the swap?

If you purchased ROAR tokens through our FORM, you will receive back 95% of the price paid, in our case 0.95$.
If you bought ROAR tokens directly on Waves DEX, instead, we can’t offer you a repurchase, cause we can’t check the price you paid.

4.1) So basically everybody who bought into the pre-ico will have to wait until 25 XPAND are sold to change only 1 of their ROAR? Like if you invested 100$ in Stage 3 and got 25 ROAR, in order to exchange them all you’ll have to wait until people buy XPAND worth roughly 650,000$?
Yes, it is. You have to wait people buy XPAND for i.e.

  • 250$ to get 10$,
  • 2,500$ to get 100$,
  • 25,000$ to get 1,000$ and so on…

It is true that you have to wait, but don’t forget the really high return on investment: from 100$ to 650,000$. The purpose of this system is to involve the investor himself in promoting XPAND cryptocurrency, as he is interested in being able to collect his XPAND with the swap.

1:25 indicates only the ratio, but you can start swapping your ROAR vs XPAND one by one (or 0.1 ROAR every 2.5 XPAND sold, etc.) you don’t need to swap all in a single time. If you swap the first one, be sure you’ll swap the next faster, because people will begin to believe in the project more.

Remember that if you buy at 1$ we can guarantee a repurchase at 0.95$ (if bought through the form), but you can sell ROAR tokens at much more to the other traders. Why? Because there are limited amount of ROAR circulating. So many investors would buy to swap vs XPAND (worth 1,000$ or more)

In any case don’t forget that we support the price of all our coins through a repurchase at around 95% of the sale price. You can say that, if all things goes bad, you can “lose” 5% in this way. But all the other coins lose much more in a single day. So I don’t think that risking only 5% max (in all the life of the coin) is so much.

5) What is the purpose of XPAND?
The main purpose of the XPAND tokens is to protect the value of your investments while trading on the exchanges.
It also can be used as payment method for daily use, of course.
6) Is XPAND just another stable coin like Tether, MakerDao or DGX?
Absolutely no. You can not compare XPAND to Tether or other similar coins.

1) While the value of Tether is stable – 1 Tether equals 1 dollar – the value of XPAND is totally dynamic and it is stable only for the minimum price that we guarantee.

2) XPAND has a minimum and a maximum price when traded vs dollars – 1,000$ and 1,100$ – allowing a 10% fluctuation of the price.

3) The limits said before only applies to the pair with dollars, but you can also trade XPAND without any limits of value vs all the other existing coins, so it can increase its value without any limit. i.e it can be worth 100 BTC as well as 0.000001 BTC. But in the second case you can always sell it for 1,000$!

7) Why the lower and upper limits?
The aim of the minimum price of 1,000$ is to guarantee its value without worrying that it may fall in price, as often happens with other currencies. For this reason, we guarantee to investor the possibility to get back almost the whole investment (around 95%) at any time and for any amount.

The upper limit at 1,100$ is set only to protect investors: it remembers people to be prudent while investing and don’t overpay a coin, to avoid falling in the trap of pump and dump.

However, as we have already said before, you can trade XPAND vs any other coin without any limit, at your risk.
Keep in mind that if you exchange XPAND with currencies other than the dollar, the minimum and maximum limits are not there, and therefore it is possible at your own risk to trade XPAND at values ​​significantly lower or higher than the original price.

8) Why investing in other coins and not in XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR?
Definitely, why should you invest in a coin that could lose all the value when you can invest in XPAND/UBEAR/EBEAR that ensure almost the whole value (around 95%)?
This is a fundamental point because our tokens allow investors to trade safely.
Furthermore you can trade, at your own risk, without any limits vs any other coin.
We just have to think about it a little and understand the enormous usefulness that this project would bring in such an unstable market.
9) If I want a stable currency I just use EUR or USD... or not?
EUR and USD are static currencies and can’t increase their value.
XPAND/UBEAR/EBEAR cryptocurrencies can’t go under 1,000$/1$/1€, but they can increase their value without any limits. This is a foundamental difference!
10) And how can they increase in value?
Let’s suppose a down trend where all coins lose their value.
I.e., looking at the past:
– Bitcoin decreased the value from 20,000$ to 6,000$
– Ethereum from 1,400$ to 350$
– Ripple from 3,5$ to 0.40$
– Waves from 15$ to 2$ and so on…

To avoid the lose of value people would move their investment from BTC/ETH/XRP/WAVES to a better currency.
Our tokens, sold at 1,050$/1.05$/1.05€ can never go below 1,000$/1$/1€.
Being stable over 1,000$/1$/1€ they could attract more investors.
In this case, demand will raise and price too.

11) How do you keep the price of XPAND between 1,000$ and 1,100$?
In this way:
– the minimum price is guaranteed by Angry Panda project through a repurchase order of 1,000$ set for each coin sold. Thus the possibility to sell your tokens at the guaranteed price is always available for all our circulating cryptocurrencies and at any time.
– the maximum price is guaranteed by a sale order of 1,100$ for a very high amount.
12) What about the circulating supply?
You can add new circulating supply only by filling out our forms.
The exchange of the current circulating supply takes place directly on Waves DEX.
13) What is the purpose of UBEAR and EBEAR?
The main purpose of the UBEAR/EBEAR token is to provide a fast, cheap and secure payment method for USD/EUR transactions in the daily use.
14) How do you guarantee the price of UBEAR/EBEAR at 1$/1€?
Every time we add new supply in the market, we guarantee a price of 1$/1€ by setting a buy order of the same amount. In this way you can get back your funds (around 95%) at any time and for any amount.
15) I have a business and I would like to introduce the Angry Panda coins as a method of payment. How can I do?
Contact us by email: info@angrypandacoin.com
16) Are there any commissions for the promotion of the Angry Panda currencies?
Yes, you can find general information on the Promoters section and receive more detailed information by contacting us by email: info@angrypandacoin.com

Special thanks to all those who contribute to the improvement of the project. Your requests for clarification on any doubts can be of help to other investors, so your pertinent questions are very appreciated and will be added in this page (FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions).
If you didn’t find the answers you was looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us: we are at your complete disposal for further clarification.