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Waves Platform

Waves Decentralized Exchange & Wallet

Waves Platform for beginners

Waves Platform runs the world’s fastest decentralized digital asset exchange and includes a wallet offering a unique level of security. Download the online, desktop or mobile app version to start trading and safely store our tokens.

Fast, Cheap, Secure


WAVES DEX Next Generation

The Waves network has implemented a ground-breaking new protocol that will allow its blockchain to process 100 transactions per second.


Waves Transaction Fee

The trading fee is very small, 0.003 Waves, and applies only to executed orders. Outgoing token transfer fee costs 0.001 Waves.


Waves Import Accounts

Your funds are held securely on your device, not by a company. You own your private keys and you retain complete control over your funds.

Ledger Nano S firmware update 1.5.5

Furthermore the Waves Platform provides access to their decentralized exchange directly through Ledger hardware wallets.

Waves Decentralized Exchange and Wallet


Online Client

Waves Client

Desktop App

Download Waves Desktop App

Mobile App

Waves Mobile App

Resources & Support

Services and Tools

Waves Explorer

Waves Explorer is an online service that displays Waves blockchain data in a form that is understandable to humans.​ Waves Explorer

Waves Keeper

Waves Keeper

A browser extension that allows users to manage their private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.​ Waves Keeper

Token Rating

Waves Token Rating is a service that provides ratings for tokens (projects) issued on the Waves Platform. Rate our tokens 5 stars! Token Rating

Invoice Tool

The Invoice Tool allows you to issue an invoice for any user of the Waves Platform. You can use it to pay or to be paid with our tokens. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Waves Backup Phrase

When registering your account, you will be asked to save your secret phrase (Seed) and to protect your account with a password. On normal centralized servers, special attention is paid to the password, which can be changed and reset via email, if the need arises. However, on decentralized platforms such as Waves, everything is arranged differently:

  • You use your wallet anonymously, meaning your account is not connected to an email account or any other identifying data.
  • Your password protects your account when working on a certain device or browser. It is needed in order to ensure that your secret phrase is not saved in storage and that attackers cannot gain access to it.
  • If you forget your password, you can easily create a new one by using the account recovery form via your secret phrase. If you lose your secret phrase, however, you will have no way to access your account.
  • You cannot change your secret phrase. If you accidentally sent it to someone or suspect that scammers have taken it over, then create a new Waves wallet immediately and transfer your funds to it. Do not forget to save a new secret phrase when creating a new wallet.

We strongly recommend saving your backup phrase, since only with these words you will be able to restore access to your account in case of loss or theft of the device. If you lose your SEED, you will have no way to acces your account.

We would like to warn you about the increased frequency of scam and phishing attacks. Treat your backup phrase (also known as SEED phrase) with care! Don’t give your password, your private address or your secret backup phrase (SEED) to anyone! Never! If anyone has your your password or SEED, they can steal your tokens! Be careful and avoid inputting your wallet information on any resources.

One of the most common forms of scamming is phishing, which is when scammers create fake communities on Facebook or other websites that look similar to the authentic ones.


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