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Register an account on website and claim ROAR and XPAND tokens through faucets and tasks!

ROAR faucet: every hour
XPAND task: every day

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  1. Angry Panda
    Angry Panda

    Hi, Scandy185.

    Thanks for your comment, it gives us the opportunity to clarify what is the purpose of the faucets: it is not to make people rich but to make a currency known, hoping to receive a future support in the project.

    About the value of the faucets, I strongly advise you not to look at the number of coins received but the total value of what you receive. This because you should consider that many tokens on are worthless and even if they give you 10,000 tokens in a single claim, their value could be 0.

    It’s not true that they are very very low. Consider instead that we refund XPAND at 1,000$.
    – 0.000001 XPAND are 0.001$ or more, always
    – 0.000001 ROAR are potentially 0.001$ or much more, and you can claim every hour. Also keep in mind that the max supply is only 100,000 ROAR. When the people will understand its scarsity, the price will raise so much.

    It’s like we are giving away a fraction of a bitcoin, you can’t pretend to receive a whole bitcoin every hour or every day 😉

    Definitely we are just giving away money from our pokets, because people claim tokens and sell back to us. And there are thousands of claims every day on that website.

    So, we can’t give more.

    Enjoy our faucets and stay tuned! 🙂

    Angry Panda

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