UBEAR token sale

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UBEAR token sale

We are happy to announce that UBEAR token is available for sale on Waves DEX and on Angry Panda Shop.

On Waves DEX, issue pair is UBEAR/USD. However all pairs are available, therefore you can trade it vs any other token.

Buy UBEAR on Waves DEX!

You can also order UBEAR token on Angry Panda Shop paying in USD or XPAND:

Order UBEAR on Angry Panda Shop

UBEAR token details

Asset ID: 6cmpBc8Aq1zJQJZcoDnE37FXDKZo2Bf2hzPNeyfFX5Sk
Total supply: 100,000,000 UBEAR
Issue pair: UBEAR/USD
Issue price: 1.05$
Support price: 1$
We support the price of UBEAR tokens through a repurchase at 1$

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