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XPAND token burning – New supply: 2,600,000 XPAND

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XPAND token burning

New supply: 2,600,000 XPAND

We just burned 97,400,000 XPAND tokens and the new total supply is now 2,600,000 XPAND.

Previous total supply: 100,000,000 XPAND
Burned: 97,400,000 XPAND (-97,4%)
NEW total supply: 2,600,000 XPAND
Supply available for sale: 2,500,000 XPAND
Supply available for the SWAP: 100,000 XPAND

Buy now on Waves DEX, pair XPAND/USD!

NOTE that, while ROAR is not re-issuable, XPAND is intentionally re-issuable.
This because our purpose is to keep its value under 1,100$ and to remember people to be prudent while investing, as well as to don’t overpay a coin and to avoid falling in the trap of pump and dump.
Anyway you are free to trade XPAND vs any other coin without any limits of price. i.e. at 1 BTC. Check our website or wallpaper for more info.
Therefore the new total supply will be increased again only if all XPAND tokens will be sold and, at the same time, if the price will go over 1,100$.

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