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Waves Labs competition. 1000 Waves in prizes!

Waves Labs competition. 1000 Waves in prizes!

To find out more about all the exciting new projects being implemented on Waves, Waves Lab is launching a contest on Twitter under the #BuildOnWaves tag.

With this in mind, they are launching a contest on Twitter to encourage developers to share details of their projects and experiences with Waves technology and products.

The prize fund of 1,000 WAVES will be distributed as follows:

  • The first prize of 500 WAVES will be awarded to the tweet with the highest number of retweets.
  • A 300 WAVES prize will be awarded to a project that will be randomly selected by the Waves Oracle random number generator. The oracle was developed by a participant in the Waves Grants program.
  • The contest’s jury, made up of representatives from Waves Labs, DevRel and Waves company management, will award a special prize of 200 WAVES to a selected project.

We ask our community to support our project through likes and retweets. Give us your contribution to be awarded.

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