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EBEAR tokens

1.05 $

NOTE: EBEAR tokens are sold at 1.05€ even if the price is shown in US Dollars or XPAND.

10000000 in stock

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EBEAR tokens

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Hurry up and buy EBEAR tokens at 1.05€!

Volume discount pricing

It could be possible to find EBEAR tokens at a discounted price on this shop.
This is how volume discount pricing works: you’re rewarded for buying in larger quantities and we are happy to take a lower price per unit to sell more tokens. Price per unit is significantly reduced depending on quantities you buy.
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Asset details

Token name: EBEAR
Asset ID: B1ztQNRtRZFqAUjmWv7cmW9ncYVEQV2wkY5qAVvaMp85
Full price: 1.05€
Total supply: 100,000,000 EBEAR
Details: Asset details


1) You can order EBEAR tokens at a discounted price on this shop or buy directly on Waves DEX at full price or from other traders at the market price. The most common pairs on Waves DEX are: EBEAR/EUR and EBEAR/WAVES.

2) ROAR tokens are distributed with airdrops and bounty programs or to reward contributors. Stay tuned by checking our Announcements!

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