The roadmap below shows what we have already achieved, what is going to be made and approximate terms: presale, ICO, main sale, token swap, atomic swap, dual-blockchain, exchange listings and more.

  • Q2/2018
Launching the website
  • Q2/2018
Angry Panda project
Introducing the project and the main idea
  • Q2/2018
General roadmap
  • Q2/2018
Creation of ROAR on Waves Platform
  • Q2/2018
Desktop, mobile and online wallets
  • Q2/2018
ROAR airdrop, bounty program, socials, ANN on BitcoinTalk
  • Q3/2018
Presale start
30th June 2018
  • Q3/2018
Pre-ICO Round 1 – 100,000 ROAR at 1$
30th June – 5th July
  • Q3/2018
Pre-ICO Round 2 – 100,000 ROAR at 2$
8th July – 12th July
  • Q3/2018
Pre-ICO Round 3 – 100,000 ROAR at 4$
15th July – 19th July
  • Q3/2018
Pre-ICO Round 4 – 200,000 ROAR at 8$
22th July – 26th July
Q3/2018 ICO Round 5 – 200,000 ROAR at 16$
1st August – 4th August
Q3/2018 ICO Round 6 – 300,000 ROAR at 32$
4th August – 7th August
Q3/2018 ICO Round 7 – 500,000 ROAR at 64$
7th August – 10th August
Q3/2018 ICO Round 8 – 1,000,000 ROAR at 128$
10th August – 13th August
Q3/2018 ICO Round 9 – 2,500,000 ROAR at 256$
13th August – 16th August
Q3/2018 ICO Round 10 – 5,000,000 ROAR at 512$
16th August – 31th August
Q3/2018 Main sale: 85,000,000 XPAND at 1,050$
1st September
Q3/2018 Tokens
Creation of XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR tokens on Waves Platform
Q4/2018 Main sale: 100,000,000 UBEAR at 1.05$
1st October – to be confirmed
Q4/2018 Main sale: 100,000,000 EBEAR at 1.05€
1st October – to be confirmed
Q4/2018 Tokens promotion as fast, cheap and secure payment methods
Promoting the use of XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR tokens as fast, cheap and secure payment methods both on physical stores, starting from Italy, and online globally
Mid term Shop on our website
Integration of a shop on our website
Mid term Token swap: from ROAR to XPAND
Token swap 1:1 from ROAR vs XPAND on Waves Platform
Mid term Daily use as payment methods
XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR tokens as universal payment methods for daily use
Mid term Atomic swaps
Tokens swaps from WAVES to ERC20
Mid term Dual-blockchain project
Creation of the same coin for a dual-blockchain project: the existence on both Waves and Ethereum blockchains.
Mid term Wallets
Angry Panda desktop and mobile wallets
Mid term Listing
Getting listed on the most important exchanges
Long term Angry Panda Exchange
Creation of Angry Panda Exchange