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Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff asked 6 days ago

On which exchange would you like to list our coins? Tell us:

  • the name of the token to be listed
  • your prefererred exchanges
  • if you want to support the listing with a donation, write the value in USD of the donation you would be willing to give, otherwise write 0 USD. You can communicate more exchanges and related donations.

We will update the amount of potential donations (you don’t have to pay anything, it’s just a promise) and if we reach the amount necessary for the listing, we will proceed to collect donations. Later, donors will be reimbursed of their whole investment and rewarded for their generosity on supporting us.

DONATIONS (promises)

TOKENS Exchanges Total donations & contributors Targets
XPAND LiveCoin 200$ (2) 5.00 BTC
UBEAR LiveCoin 200$ (2) 5.00 BTC
EBEAR LiveCoin 200$ (2) 5.00 BTC
ROAR LiveCoin 200$ (2) 5.00 BTC



Feel free to propose other exchanges and notify us of their listing fees.

EXCHANGE Volume Listing fee
Waves DEX 1.250.000$ LISTED
BitForex 560.000.000$ 23.00 BTC
TOPBTC 92.000.000$ 14.00 BTC 52.000.000$ 11.50 BTC
Cryptopia ???$ 11.50 BTC
BitBay 5.200.000$ 7.00 BTC
LiveCoin 10.300.000$ 5.00 BTC
HitBTC 605.000.000$ 5.00 BTC
Simex 200.000.000$ 4.50 BTC 105.000.000$ 4.50 BTC 200.000$ 4.50 BTC 1.450.000$ 4.00 BTC
Tidex 3.700.000$ 3.50 BTC
Exrates 175.000.000$ 3.50 BTC
Latoken 272.000.000$ 3.50 BTC
Mercatox 6.200.000$ 2.50 BTC 414.000.000$ 2.00 BTC
Raisex Exchange ???$ 0.50 BTC ???$ 5,000.00 NNC
Binance 990.000.000$
Bitstamp 40.700.000$
BitPanda ???$
Coinbase Pro 58.000.000$
Bitfinex 99.400.000$
Bittrex 60.000.000$
Kraken 53.000.000$
Poloniex ???$
Yobit 15.000.000$
GateHub 51.500$ 238.000$
Crex24 750.000$
Novaexchange 2.000$
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dartacdartac replied 5 days ago


Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff replied 5 days ago

Binance is for sure one of the best exchanges, but a token listing may cost millions dollars. For this reason it cannot be included among our first options.

NobadbroNobadbro replied 4 days ago

Crex24,coin exchange,nova exchange, вот эти биржы за минимальную плату добавляют токены на основе Waves

Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff replied 4 days ago

Ok, thanks. However we should consider also volumes:
– Crex24 750.000$, quite low
– CoinExchange 200.000$, low
– Novaexchange 2.000$, really low

2 Answers
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To the moonTo the moon answered 5 days ago

I vote for Livecoin
XPAND 100$
UBEAR 100$
EBEAR 100$
ROAR 100$

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Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff replied 5 days ago

Yes, Livecoin is a good option.
The listing price is not so high and the exchange has a good volume.

VladkrusVladkrus answered 5 hours ago

I vote for Livecoin
XPAND 100$
UBEAR 100$
EBEAR 100$
ROAR 100$

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