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Price of ROAR tokens

QuestionsCategory: TokensPrice of ROAR tokens
Scandy185Scandy185 asked 1 year ago

Is Price of ROAR actually $100 in DEX EXCHANGE?

1 Answers
Angry PandaAngry Panda Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Scandy185.

We are selling ROAR tokens at a rising price of 525$ or more on Waves DEX. You can check pairs, amounts and prices at the Bounties page.

However consider that, actually, there is a circulating supply of 2742 ROAR tokens, most of them airdropped, so some traders are selling for less.

To check the price, you can:

  • open the Waves DEX and look the most used pairs, i.e. ROAR/WAVES or ROAR/USD
  • join our telegram group and type: /p ROAR