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How to rate our tokens on Waves Token Rating?

QuestionsCategory: TokensHow to rate our tokens on Waves Token Rating?
Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff asked 5 months ago

RATE 5 STARS OUR TOKENS on Waves Token Rating

Rate ROAR with 5 stars!
Rate XPAND with 5 stars!
Rate UBEAR with 5 stars!
Rate EBEAR with 5 stars!

Why should you rate us 5 stars?

The Angry Panda project provides fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments through Waves-based tokens and its blockchain. The refund prices available for most of our cryptocurrencies allow investors to HODL and trade safely on exchanges even during the bear markets, being more protected against significant losses in value.
In fact, unlike the other projects which often lose value even 100 times, we guarantee a refund of almost the whole issue price for XPAND (1,000$), UBEAR (1$) and EBEAR (1€).
Also, ROAR tokens could give potentially a very strong return on investment after the XPAND large scale adoption.

How to vote?

Read this guide to learn more about the Waves Token Rating system.

Vote for our tokens

Every vote is really important for the growth of our project and its recognition within the Waves Community.
So please, take a minute to vote for us.
Thanks for your support! 🐼