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To the moonTo the moon asked 12 months ago

Where can I check all your active airdrops?

2 Answers
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Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff answered 12 months ago

Hello To the moon.

There are many ways to check all the active airdrops.

Primarily you can ask us on our telegram group.

Also you can stay tuned by following us on our media and socials:
– read the announcements on our blog
– subscribe to our telegram channel or join our telegram group
– subscribe to website notification (when you visit our webite, a pop-up will appear).
– follow us on our socials
– read the announcements on Waves Community Forum and BitcoinTalk

Check the links to our media and socials in the footer (the bottom of the pages of our website).

Angry Panda AdminAngry Panda Admin Staff answered 11 months ago

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