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ROAR tokens

Asset ID: 2yVPrfCZyhvZqXCi8A5v15ad7oQHqbcgGeBqTyEHTmuL
Issue price: 525$-1,000$
Max supply: 100,000 ROAR
Details: Asset details

You may be interested in ordering XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR, ROAR tokens or useful Services we are offering on Angry Panda Shop.


1) You can order ROAR tokens on Angry Panda Shop or buy directly on Waves DEX: ROAR/USD.

2) Every 25 XPAND sold by us, 1 XPAND token will be available to be swapped 1:1 vs ROAR tokens. ROAR tokens are distributed with airdrops and bounty programs or to reward contributors. Stay tuned by checking our Announcements!

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