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Share your opinions and ideas with us

Blockchains don’t add value. People do.
Come and join our growing community. Learn more about our plans, share your feedback and feature requests with us, get involved as a contributor. One hundred brains are better than one and one million brains are better than one hundred.Angry Panda founder


We are looking for passionate contributors. Propose yourself, it’s possible we need your help. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite! Contact us on Telegram.


  • Content
  • Translations
  • Community
  • Business development
  • Code vulnerabilities

Abilities and Skills

  • Trust and believe in our ideas
  • Work directly with the team and truly believe in what they are doing, lead by example for everyone around you.
  • Create an environment for the rest to be as big of passionate as the founders themselves.
  • Customers first: care greatly about the customer’s satisfaction, go above and beyond expectations and put in full effort to your work.
  • Think above and beyond what you are given. How can I make it better?
  • Freedom, flexibility, responsibility
  • Hold yourself at a high personal standard
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Iterate to success
  • Keep it simple

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