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Airdrop 500 ROAR tokens

AIRDROP 500 ROAR tokens to 10,000 followers

RULES “Airdrop 500 ROAR tokens”

Please read carefully the rules to partecipate to the “Airdrop 500 ROAR tokens”.


500 ROAR will be given to the first 10,000 followers that correctly fill out our Google form:

Max Airdrop Estimed value
500 ROAR 262,500$ – 500,000$ or more
Tokens per claim Estimed value
0.050 ROAR 26.25$ – 50$ or more

The distribution will start after the expiry date – 20th January 2019 – or before if we reach 10,000 users beforehand.



  1. Follow us on Twitter @AngryPandaROAR and never unfollow until you receive the airdrop. Comment your Waves address in the AIRDROP 500 ROAR tweet, like and retweet it.
  2. Join our Telegram Group and Telegram Channel and comment your Waves Address. Never leave until you receive the airdrop.
  3. Like and comment positively on our ANN on Waves Community Forum. Important: use only this link!
  4. Comment positively on our ANN on BitcoinTalk (don’t write your Waves address there and neither mention the airdrop, to not risk being banned).
  5. Register on our website and comment your Waves address in this post. You must have a Waves Balance of 10 WAVES or more. We will check your Waves Address on
  6. Fill out this Google form with your Waves address, usernames and links to your comments on Twitter / Waves Forum / BitcoinTalk, so we can verify that you followed the rules.

Join the ROAR airdrop and stay tuned! 🐼🐾

ASSET details

Asset ID: 2yVPrfCZyhvZqXCi8A5v15ad7oQHqbcgGeBqTyEHTmuL
Max supply: 100,000 ROAR (Not reissuable)
Circulating supply: 1,766 ROAR
Further coin burns: scheduled
Issue price: increasing, from 525$ to 1,000$
Issue pair: ROAR/USD
Asset details: ROAR

How to create and account in Waves Platform?
How to buy Angry Panda tokens?

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  1. Angry Panda Admin
    Angry Panda Admin


    Please, respect all the rules listed in the announcement to get your airdrops: someone forgets to put a like or to retweet, someone to comment our blog on BitcoinTalk or on Waves form, someone to join our Telegram group and Telegram Channel…

    Remember also to fill out the google form with the data and the right links required by us to check you respected all the rules…

    Thanks 🤗

    Angry Panda 🐼🐾🔷

  2. it’s a great project that deserves to be known and grow with the world of crypto currencies, I hope it will go far, I’m with you wait and see 3PCP7QLZR7LtAJDf7XEc1g6fGmXjyjSXpRy

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